Value: Why Is It So Powerful And Important?

When you sell your product, you need to understand the concept behind value.

Value is one of the persuasion principles and is extremely important when you are focusing on your client’s needs.

So, watch this video that Muneer filmed, up in the air, in a fancy business class seat to explain the importance of value:

A lot of people think that price is the only determining factor when it comes to selling their product. However, there is another factor that is more important: value. For instance, a business class seat is high in price but is more valuable for longer trips where you would want to sleep, work, relax and enjoy more privacy. So, it holds more value when compared to cheaper options. However, for a short trip this is an expensive option that holds little value.

But this may not be how everyone thinks. Keep in mind that value can mean something completely different to someone else.

So, when you can determine what a person values and then sell your product or concept based on what they value, then you are more likely to earn more profit.

Value is one of the principles of persuasion from Muneer’s #1 international best selling book:

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Habiba Tahir

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