3 Levers Of Profitability – How To Make Your Business Profitable

What tools do you have to make your business profitable? Do you know what will help you earn more money and what won’t? If you have a bit of trouble answering such questions, then you will find the answer in the 3 levers of profitability.

Watch this video to understand the importance of these 3 levers as explained by Muneer:

3 levers of profitability

It doesn’t matter whether a person is big or small, the 3 levers are universal. They are the only way for you to become successful. Just like when people want to lose weight, they either eat less or eat better or exercise more. Those are the 3 levers to lose weight. If you use one lever at the expanse of the other, you may not get results. If you are extremely serious and want to get results, then you need to use all these levers. The 3 levers to make your business profitable are:

  1. The more customers you have, the more money you make.
  2. The amount of money a person pays in a period.
  3. Getting people to come back and buy from you again. In business, it is easier to get a customer to return then to get a new one. Many businesses strive to get people to come back.

You need to know that you can have a small or a big business, it will not change these levers. If you are able to use all these, then you are ready to achieve your goals easily. So, follow these for yourself because these will not only help you become more successful but also make you a happier person.

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Habiba Tahir