Attract Attention: How to Use the Shock Factor

Want to know a secret? Did you know that you can use ‘shock’ and ‘awe’ to your advantage, especially when talking to an audience? Learn how to use these two to attract attention in this video.

Everybody loves surprises!

In the video, Muneer is by the sea. It is a windy day, and from the looks of it, the water must be very cold. Here’s the thing, despite of the chill, a bunch of people still jumped in. After a few screams of shock, it seems like the cold didn’t even bother them. At all! In fact, they love it! Most of all, they love the shock brought about by the freezing water. This is because shock can attract attention.

Shock a person. Attract Attention.

There is a thing called a “pattern interrupt”— when you give people something that they are not expecting, something that makes them go “What?” and all of a sudden, they’re paying attention. Professional public speakers use this to make their audience pay attention. They attract attention by opening their speech with something considered controversial or shocking. Muneer—a hypnotist—uses this technique, as well as a couple of comedians. In fact, this can be used by any professional whose work includes speaking to an audience. For example, stand-up comedians often open their spiels with something controversial. The audience would find this shocking, but that doesn’t mean they’ll readily leave. As a matter of fact, this makes the audience anticipate the next things the comedian is about to say.

Catching and keeping someone’s attention can be difficult. So, if ever you need to address an audience, why don’t you try using a pattern interrupt? Shock them to attract attention. Break the pattern that they’ve been used too. And soon, you’ll be keeping your audience’s eyes and ears focused solely on you.

This video is part of a YouTube series called Invincible Influence. Here, Muneer shares secrets to confidently connect, converse, and convert using cutting edge persuasion techniques. Click here to see more videos like this.

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