Build Rapport With People And Transform Your Communication

We are always advised to build rapport because it is a process of getting people to like you. This is an unconscious activity in the sense that you don’t just ask a person that “you have to like me” and so they will. They need to connect with you and like you unconsciously.

This can be very useful in different scenarios – whether you are trying to sell something or just be social. By learning how to create unconscious rapport you, can affect the outcomes of many of your conversations positively.

So what do transformers and building rapport have in common?

In this video which Muneer filmed at the Universal Studios in Orlando USA, he reveals how transformers can teach you how to develop your rapport and help you polish your communication skills:

How can a transformer teach us to build rapport?

Transformers can teach us about rapport because they adapt their form to suit any situation. For example, they transform into a car or a plane when they need to go fast.

Similarly, in order to adapt to a situation, it is very important for you to transform. Being stuck in the way that you do things doesn’t help you as you move through life. You need to be able to speak with people from different backgrounds in different situations.

So, transformation is an important skill because (1) YOU need to adapt and (2) transform the way in which you communicate in the best way possible to help make any situation look better.

The next question is what are you supposed to adapt? Because rapport is such an unconscious activity – there are many different “levers” that you are able to change in any conversation that you have. If you are looking to instantly connect with anyone in under 4 minutes then check out my Rapid Rapport program. Rapid Rapport is a 5 stem system that will make people like you, trust you and want to converse with you in the shortest time possible. Click the link here to find out more about it today!

Habiba Tahir