Butterfly Confusion Induction – Speed Hypnosis Video In Dubai

In my previous post, I talked about Speed Hypnosis where I shared a video of how Muneer was able to perform hypnosis super fast. So, to add on to that, Muneer has performed speed hypnosis using different techniques. One of them is called “The Butterfly Confusion Induction”.

Watch this video to get a clearer idea of this technique (and it happens to be a favorite!):

The Butterfly Confusion Induction

As you can see in the video, Muneer asks the volunteers to follow Muneer’s hand movements with their eyes and their heads.

Muneer also swings his hand while performing the speed hypnosis. The movement of the eyes combined with the mind keeping track of the arm causes confusion and at some point the critical factor of the mind gives in and you have direct communication with the unconscious mind.

After repeating the movements (where Muneer’s hands move like a butterfly’s wings), he asks the volunteers to breathe and on the outbreath – he gives a slight shocking tug at the arm as he gives the command “sleep”.

He performed this task on 4 people and all of them were hypnotized easily (he even does this hypnotic induction when there is noise in the background).

Once again, speed hypnosis works perfectly with your brain because it communicates with the brain in a way that it is able to understand.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video – if you would like to learn how to hypnotize people – check out our hypnotic language card deck

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Mr. Muneer Al-Busaidi – trained & certified by the co-founder & brainchild of NLP Dr Richard Bandlar as well as Paul McKenna (one of the world’s most famous hypnotists) – is a Hypnotherapist based in Abu Dhabi and does work in Dubai. Hypnosis is perfect for overcoming phobias, losing weight and quitting smoking. If you are interested in any changework, you can contact Muneer here.

Habiba Tahir