Create A Vision Board Using These Simple And Easy Steps

In the past, you had to collect and flip through several magazines in order to find images that would help you create a vision board. But nowadays you can create it by simply using Google and Microsoft PowerPoint!

Why having a vision board is Extremely Important:

How to create your vision board:

Grab a pen and a paper and note down the steps that are explained in the video below:

HOW TO  from Muneer Al-Busaidi

In this video, Muneer showed you how to easily and effortlessly create a vision board using Google and PowerPoint:

More Than One Slide For Your Vision Board

You can use more than one slide on your PowerPoint. For example: the type of person you want to be, the characteristics you want to have, the things you want to have or the dreams you want to achieve.

Find Relevant Images That Reflect Your Ideal Vision

Go to Google and find images for the topics you have in your mind. Keep searching for words that have the same meaning to find specific images.

Don’t Complete Your Board In A Hurry

Take your time with this exercise and go through all the images. Don’t choose the first picture that you find.

Finally, paste those images on the slides on PowerPoint. You can edit or resize them to complete the final look. And make sure to place the vision board someplace where you can see it everyday so that you can benefit the most from it!

Now that you know how to create a vision board, you might be wondering what the next step is. So, head over to the link here to find out the three important steps you should follow in order to design your dream life.

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