Dinaz Vervatwala: Ways to Achieve Success

Dinaz Vervatwala is truly a superwoman. But who is she? Dinaz was born in Jamshedpur to a middle class family. When she was 12, her father died. She then continued her schooling in Mumbai, where she took a course in commerce and pursued chartered accountancy. Dinaz moved to Andhra Pradesh, after getting married. She had to quit her job in order to be able to attend to her one-year old son better. Her sister-in-law inspired her to become a fitness expert. In 1993, she started her own fitness center that focused on aerobics.

Watch this video to see Dinaz Vervatwala share 3 important tips for people who plan to start their own fitness journey.

Dinaz — An Inspiration to All Women

Without a doubt, Dinaz Vervatwala is truly an inspiration. In 2005, she encountered a near death experience when she was involved in a fire accident. This left her with burns all over her body and a low chance of survival. But Dinaz fought on, and in a couple of months, she was back to work.

In 2011, she joined Miss Fitness Universe and was a runner-up. She was also the first Indian woman to join the competition throughout the competition’s twenty-six year history. Aside from that, Dinaz Vervatwala is also a three-time Guiness Book of World Records holder. She holds the records for Longest Aerobic Marathon, World’s Largest Zumba Class, and Largest Bollywood Dance Class.

As a world-renown fitness guru, Dinaz has some advice to give people who want to start their own fitness journey.

First, believe that you can do it. When you finally decide to start your own fitness journey, you have to set your mind to it. Only by believing that you can do it, can you truly do it.

Second, stay committed to it. Now, once you have set your mind on a fitness plan, you have to stick to it through the end.

And third, take massive actions. According to Dinaz, start with small steps to get your groove, but once you fully get your head in the game, you have to take big leaps in order to successfully reach your goal.

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