Dr. Stephen Simpson Shares Some Tips on Improving Your Luck!

In this video, Muneer speaks with Dr. Stephen Simpson, where he shares a few tips on how to create your own luck. In his new book, Get Lucky Now: The 7 Secrets of Lucky People, Steve talks about luck. Dr. Stephen Simpson worked with professional golfers, and a world champion poker player (who has won more money online than any other poker player in history!) to study how luck works. Here, he concludes that luck is not random, and that there are certain things we can do to attract more luck into our lives.

Do you consider yourself unlucky? In fact, have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do to improve your own luck? Dr. Stephen Simpson believes so. According to Dr. Stephen Simpson, there are certain things you can do to attract luck into your life. Here are some of them:

First, set goals for yourself.

Sometimes, goals could actually turn out to be a defeating self-prophecy. That is, they could put our focus in the wrong place. This is why it is very important to set goals that are centered on the stuff that you like to do, and not on those that others think you should do.

Second, be a child. Believe in magic.

A lot of people tend to say things like, “I wish I was back to being a kid!” when faced with problems. When you’re faced with such troubles, you don’t need to return to being a child to make them disappear. Sometimes, all it needs is just a little bit of belief. Be a child, and start believing in magic in the same way you did as a child. According to Dr. Stephen Simpson, when you start believing in magic, guess what? Magic may actually happen. In the same way as believing in luck—once you start to believe that you have good luck, you will start to attract luck into your life.

Improve your own luck by learning to let go of your ego.

Learn to accept that you are just a small, even insignificant, part of a bigger universe. When you learn to let go of your ego, you will learn to place your focus on the things that matter. In fact, once you start to let go of your ego, you start

His final word of advice? Always trust your intuition. Because, the first thought is usually always going to be the best thought.

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