Ernesto Verdugo – Video Chat With The Expert Trainer

Ernesto Verdugo is an international trainer, speaker and an author. He has successfully trained 120 nationalities in 57 countries. Watch this video to learn what tips he has for getting messages across to people so that they are understood properly:

Ernesto Verdugo’s 3 important tips

  1. Identify the problem – The problem could be big or small. Maybe people are not getting along in an organization so you need to create team building spirit. Maybe they are resisting change or need time management.
  2. Provide the four important elements to people: examples, evidence, emotion and entertainment. People prefer to be entertained rather than educated.
  3. Finally, try to frame a solution to solve the problems.

You need to make the problem easier to understand in order to get your message across to people. According to Ernesto, try to connect these three tips into a metaphor so that people are able to understand your point. He has used this formula universally and it has always worked!

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