Would You Rather Be Happy Or Rich? The Answer May Surprise You!

You may have been in a situation where you had to pick between two things. These two things could be equally important but it all came down to your choice in the end. But what if I tell you that you don’t really have to choose anything? You don’t even need to choose whether you want to be happy or rich. You can have everything and anything you want.

So, watch this video filmed in front of the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi to see the answer to this difficult question as explained by Muneer:

Happy or Rich? Which is the correct answer?

Who said choosing between money and happiness is a choice? They are not opposites, which means that they are not mutually exclusive. Deciding whether you want to go left or right is a choice because they are opposites. But deciding whether you can have something or have something else is a wrong mindset. You can choose to have both of them if you want.

Don’t be an OR person – Be an AND person

Each of these two options needs work, but you don’t have to pick one at the expense of another. You can happy AND be rich at the same time. How you choose to do it depends on you. How you choose to acquire them depends on you.

Now that you know that you don’t have to choose between things you like, you should also learn the 3 most important steps to achieve your goals. Click the link here to watch the free video series right now.

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Habiba Tahir