My own Harlme Shake with Puppets

There i am walking through a crowded mall in Abu Dhabi, we walk into a shop, I see something and say – lets do our own Harlem Shake video.
Took us less than 5 minutes to have the footage we needed to get in on the craze.
So using an iphone, no budget, two friends and 5 minutes before we get kicked out – I made my puppet harlem shake video.

Before I show you my video. I know occasionally not everyone has had the opportunity to understand what the Harlem shake is and so my video tends not to make sense if that is the case.

So first here is a quick video explaining what it is:


and here is my version of a harlem shake made in 5 minutes with no budget.


Also check out this link – even my website Muneer.com does the harlem shake!


The Master of Persuasion - Muneer is a hypnotist, marketer and ex door to door salesman. He has spoken in over 10 countries and writes about the principles of subconscious persuasion.

  • John A says:

    Cool Dude… Thanks for the expla for us old farts.


  • John A says:

    Cool Dude… Thanks for the expl for us oldies. BTW how old is u now?


    • Muneer says:

      Hi John,
      I am awesome thanks haha – btw I just made the skunk video not the other one! Am very well though – where are you these days?

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