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This video reveals a shocking technique on how to be more resilient and it involves being a little childish!

How To Be More Resilient

The Secret to Being More Resilient is Actually Simpler Than Most People Realize:

We all have the ability to become more resilient – the truth of the matter is that we were born with that ability. And if we were born with that ability that means we could naturally do it when we were younger, which also means that we completely have the ability to do it when we are older (We may just need a little reminder).

In this video – which Muneer films from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida in the United States – he talks about the importance of getting in touch with our childhood. Because to be a little more resilient, sometimes it just means that we need to be a bit more childish!

How being childish is the secret to becoming more resilient:

We often forget that when we were young, we were tougher than we are now. As adults, we know what failure is and how easy it is to give up. But when we were younger, we were all stubborn enough to continue doing things until we got them right. We understood that succeeding meant making mistakes. We didn’t understand the meaning of giving up, or too much effort or failure. When we saw other children and adults walking, we decided that we had to do it too. We made mistakes; we fell down and it took some time (multiple falls and a couple of cries) but we were determined. It started with a crawl after which we started standing up and then we walked.

It wasn’t easy but we did it anyway. Many of us have gone further than that because we then experienced running, traveling and driving. We experienced things that were beyond our dreams. Because we were resilient right from the beginning of our lives.

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Habiba Tahir