You Wont Believe Where These People Get Hypnotized! Hypnosis In A Loud Room – Video Demonstations

Hypnosis in a loud room

Many people with some experience of hypnosis believe that you need to be in a quiet and tranquil place in order to be hypnotized. In this video filmed in both Abu Dhabi and London, I demonstrate that hypnosis in a loud room is very possible, watch as I hypnotize people when others are around or where loud music is playing.

Check out the video below:

How is it possible to hypnotize people in a loud environment?

To answer this let us first look at why people assume you need a quiet room to be hypnotized in. Many hypnotic processes are what we call progressive relaxation techniques. This means a person will visualise relaxation while relaxing their muscles as they slowly go into a trance.

That means that hypnosis in a loud room would be very difficult with this method. If music is playing and there are people around talking that means there are a whole bunch of distractions!

To get past that, I use speed hypnosis and what are called “instant inductions”.

An instant induction is a quick way to jolt the brain into a state of relaxation and attention.

Are those people asleep?

Even though I use the command “Sleep” – people don’t fall asleep. They close their eyes, relax and go into a focused state of attention. Very much like watching a TV. When you watch TV all of your brain’s resources are focused on the story. This means you are not worrying about your laundry or thinking about what you are doing tomorrow. You are also not listening to the other sounds in the room which means you are completely focused on one thing.

When I jolt someone, the brain directs all its attention towards one thing, in this case, my voice. Because all of the brain is focused on one thing, it is able to achieve more.


About me (Muneer) the hypnotist

I am trained & certified by the co-founder & brainchild of NLP Dr Richard Bandlar as well as Paul McKenna in NLP and hypnosis – I am a Hypnotherapist based in Abu Dhabi.

Hypnosis is excellent for a number of things – because it deals with your subconscious mind for example: overcoming phobias, losing weight and quitting smoking to name a few. If you are interested in change workork, you can contact me here.

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