Hypnosis Without Words – Video Demo By Muneer

Hypnosis can be done really fast and it can also be done while you are wide awake. There’s another way to hypnotize someone: by using ‘hypnosis without words’. You don’t always need words to hypnotize someone and so in this video, Muneer will perform hypnosis on people who don’t speak English:

Hypnosis without words

Language is not the only form of communication. In this video, Muneer showed you the power of body language on someone who does not speak English and does not understand anything Muneer says.

Muneer only uses his eye movements and his hands to pull two volunteers into an unconscious state. He also performs this hypnosis on a group of people from Japan.

If you would like to witness the trick in reality, then click the link here. I hope you enjoyed watching the video. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Mr. Muneer Al-Busaidi – trained & certified by the co-founder & brainchild of NLP Dr Richard Bandlar as well as Paul McKenna (one of the world’s most famous hypnotists) – is a Hypnotherapist based in Abu Dhabi and does work in Dubai. Hypnosis is perfect for overcoming phobias, losing weight and quitting smoking. If you are interested in any change, you can contact Muneer here.

Habiba Tahir