Hypnotically Getting A Person To Take Action! Video Demo in Dubai

Hypnotic Demonstration in Dubai to Lift A Person’s Arms Explains How We Can Subconsciously Influence

At an Influence and Persuasion seminar that took place in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates -UAE, Muneer was able to demonstrate a technique using “Waking Hypnosis” in which he was able to get a volunteer to have her arms lift without her being involved. In fact Muneer just indicated the hands to lift and they did.

How is that possible?

Well the reality is Muneer is not a magician and he does not have special powers, however he does understand subconscious persuasion and in the following video he shares the secret to hypnotically getting a person to take action and how you can use this principle to influence and persuade people:

The secrets to subconscious persuasion and hypnotically getting a person to take action:

  1. Establish trust
    Ultimately you need to trust a person if you are going to follow their instructions, both at a conscious and subconscious level.
  2. Absorb and maintain focus and attention
    Muneer establishes a lot of eye contact which is key to hypnotic persuasion – it is often a doorway into hypnosis. Although simple, you will find that not many people do this at all!
  3. Put their mind into a pattern
    In this scenario, Muneer gets the person’s hand into a pattern and trains the brain to be rewarded everytime it did the right thing. The more he did it, the more of a pattern was established.
  4. Wait for an action in the right direction and continue rewarding the brain
    After the pattern was established – he waited for a twitch and then continued to reward the brain.

Muneer is the amazon number 1 best selling author of Power Persuasion (click here to get a chapter for free) and a hypnotist living in the UAE. Muneer trains in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi on influence and persuasion and helps people overcome personal challenges through hypnotherapy.

If you are interested in learning how to hypnotically persuade people into taking action, then check out our free guide “The 11 Hypnotic Power Words of Persuasion” – in this guide Muneer reveals everyday words that can be used to hypnotically get more people to take action.


Habiba Tahir