Hypnotizing someone that speaks a different language

Is it possible to
hypnotize someone that does not speak the same language as you?

In my last seminar I spoke about the importance of body language, matching and mirroring and how to pace and lead a person to do what you want. The truth is it may have felt a little simplistic to some people however the reality is it is very powerful when you master the small details.

In this video I demonstrate how even with someone who does not speak the same language as me –  I quickly start mirroring the body language and then start leading them into a state of hypnosis and all in a matter of a few seconds. I also give them positive suggestions using my tone of voice and bring them out of a trance with a suggestion of happiness and they understand because of my happy tone 🙂

What is important to note is how quickly this can be done – as you will see here!

Muneer conducting non verbal hypnosis with a non English speaker from Muneer Al-Busaidi on Vimeo.

This is just a more advanced application of the pacing and leading principle that I teach at my invincible influence seminars.

Enjoy the video and chat soon,





The Master of Persuasion - Muneer is a hypnotist, marketer and ex door to door salesman. He has spoken in over 10 countries and writes about the principles of subconscious persuasion.

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Unmesh Krishnan - March 31, 2017

Pls let me know any of your sessions happening in Dubai

    muneer1 - March 31, 2017

    Will be informing people that are on my mailing list of any future sessions 🙂


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