Jim Rohn Tribute

Jim Rohn Part 1 of 2 – Jim Rohn Tribute Video

As I write this, I am truly truly saddened! Jim Rohn was in my eyes one of the greatest speakers, trainers or authors I had ever had the pleasure of learning from. His teachings have inspired me, motivated me, made me laugh, made me take action and become a better person in my life. He taught me to make contributions to others and gave me knowledge to help others make changes. He inspired a huge drive in me and in many of the people i have taught, trained or even learned from.

If you have ever followed me on twitter or facebook, you will no doubt have heard me quote him. His famous lines will always be timeless and his loss is truly a loss to us all. My thoughts are with everyone whose life he has touched, whether they learned from him directly or from one of his CD’s / DVD’s or even if they just got inspired by one of his quotes and took action. He was a constant source of inspiration for me and he is one of the only people whose courses i have listened to again and again and again.


The Master of Persuasion - Muneer is a hypnotist, marketer and ex door to door salesman. He has spoken in over 10 countries and writes about the principles of subconscious persuasion.