Karl Smith – Turning Negativity From Your Life Into Positivity

Karl Smith is the director of the UK Hypnosis Academy who served in the British army and then later joined the British police. He is also an inspiring public figure who turned extreme negativity from his life into something positive.

So, watch this video where he explains his story full of hardships and struggles:

In this video, Karl Smith shares his traumatic experience where in 2006, he was run over by a drunk driver twice. It took him 18 months to recover from the physical damages. However, after his recovery, he suffered from post traumatic stress and depression. When a friend hypnotized him to help him unleash his anger and negativity, he became determined to work hard in the field of hypnosis. Now he considers the worst day of his life as the best day of his life.

You can also turn bad experiences into a learning experience and find a positive outlook towards your life. Stay tuned to these articles because Muneer will be talking to more inspiring public champions.  Look out for my next article where Lance Miller, a Public Speaking World Champion, will be sharing his 3 tips on success.

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Habiba Tahir