Keep Calm, Keep Cool: Tips to Maintain Composure

The Cu Chi tunnels are a network of connecting pathways beneath Ho Chi Minh City. It played an important role in the Vietnam-American war as the Viet Cong used these tunnels intensively. The Viet Cong used these tunnels as living quarters, hideouts, and communication channels. In fact, if it weren’t partly because of these tunnels, the Viet Cong might not have won the war at all.

What should you do when something unfortunate happens? Watch as Muneer talks about the importance of keeping cool.

Now, something unfortunate happened to Muneer while he was about to explore the tunnels. On his descent, he accidentally ripped his pants! The initial reaction would be to panic. Since the rip occurred at a very unflattering place, it was a normal reaction. But Muneer was aware that he wasn’t in a position to panic. He had to keep calm. And fortunately, he was able to handle the situation well.

A lot of people tend to think that confident people do not make any mistakes. Or that they do not get nervous, or have any other issues. Of course, this isn’t entirely true. Confident or not, everybody makes mistakes. And unfortunate circumstances can happen to anyone. This nerve-wracking experience has taught Muneer a few things about how to keep calm.

How to Keep Calm under Pressure

The first thing you have to do is to take a deep breath. When faced with a crisis, most people tend to lose themselves to the anxiety. Nothing will be resolved if you lose your head. To keep calm, take deep breaths until you feel yourself calming down. Then, once you’re stable, take a look around you.

Next, you have to assess the situation. How bad is it? To what extent is the damage? Are there objects I can use to my advantage nearby? Ask yourself these questions first before you decide to scream out in panic.

After you assess the situation, think about your options. If you happen to be stuck in a dire, life-threatening situation, think about ways to get out of that situation. Once you’ve considered every option, start looking for a way out. It is important to keep a level head in these types of circumstance, as keeping calm is your best option to survive. On the other hand, if you happen to be stuck in situations that aren’t so life-threatening, e.g. being trapped inside an elevator due to a power outage, it is still wise to remain calm. You have to preserve your energy.

In Muneer’s case, since ripping his pants was more unfortunate than dire, he just had to make himself comfortable about the situation. Because the best way to react when something goes wrong is to just keep calm, and try to be comfortable about it.

How about you? Were you ever placed in a situation that caused you anxiety? How did you overcome it? 

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