Kilimanjaro trip day one 6am before we start

We have not started our journey yet,

I was looking forward to the 17th so much but that was actually only the day we fly out! haha today is the actual day we begin the trek!

I woke up this morning in our hotel at 6 am after having slept for nearly 10 hours.

I must admit i don’t remember the last time i went to bed so early, and there is no time difference so no excuse on that front.

I was quite exhausted yesterday from a hectic week. I had been running around home trying to sort out things for this trip and then sorting out my full day of training college students at internet marketing in Oman (which was a super amazing experience).

There was not all that much to do in our village, so we went rented whatever equipment that we were missing, walked around a bit then came back to the hotel.

So after dinner, my brother and i spoke of watching a movie and a couple of things but since i felt slightly tired i went to bed at 8pm!

i had my ipod on and listened to John Reese talk about giving internet marketing advice for about half an hour before going to sleep. I actually woke up at midnight thinking i had slept a full night before going back to sleep again.

I know i needed that rest, anyhow, i thought i would create this post just before setting of onto the path, i wo;n’t have internet for a week, but ill be able to text – don’t remember the last time i went without internet!!! sad i know!

Anyhow this is  my first post about my kili trip (which hasn’t started yet),

ill try keep people updated on twitter and maybe facebook too

one love,



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