Know the Secret to a Great Conversation

What is the secret to a great conversation? Most people would immediately assume that great public speakers are great conversationalists as well. But this is not always the case. Public speaking is a one-way affair. That is, there is no exchange happening between the speaker and the audience. When you come to a public speaking event, you are not given the opportunity to engage with the speaker. So most of the time, the speaker does not have to consider much of the audience’s thoughts or feelings. In other words, the speaker talks and the audience listen.

Watch as Muneer shares the secret to having a great conversation.

A conversation, on the other hand, is two-way. All parties involved in a conversation are required to pay attention and react to what the other parties are saying. Conversations involve an exchange of some sort to occur between all parties involved. In other words, there must always be a response.

The secret to a good conversation?

A good conversationalist will have no trouble keeping a conversation running, much as a good public speaker will have no trouble keeping his audience interested.

Muneer has often been told by people that they greatly enjoyed talking to him. His secret ? Simple. Muneer asks questions.

By asking questions, you are showing genuine interest in the person. Showing genuine interest also helps the person you are talking to get comfortable. Once the person is comfortable enough, the conversation will flow better. Although you are still allowed to share some things about yourself, focusing too much on yourself can turn other people off easily. It also makes you appear self-centered and worse, conceited. This is Muneer’s secret to a great conversation. Try it out for yourself, and you will be surprised at how far just asking questions could get you.

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