Nabil Al-Busaidi – Achieving the ultimate goal

This is the original post i created when my brother Nabs was about to go to the north pole.
As some of you may know he has now achieved that goal and in the process become one of the top 50 most influential Arabs in the world!
Anyhow we are all proud of what he has achieved and you can check out his personal blog at


A great man who had risen to power against all odds was once asked what his secret to Success was,

he replied ” When an individual is so committed to his goal that he is willing to stake his very existence on it, then nothing can stop him from achieving it ”

As Nabs goes on this journey of discovery to the North Pole; i have no doubt that he will achieve his goals, that he will make his country proud and as the first Arab to cross the north pole, a whole race of people proud!

This post is to raise awareness to his goals and to raise money for the trip.

Sponsorship will be accepted from Nabs’ website, (still under construction)

Meanwhile check out this promotion of his proposed trip to the north pole:


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