Nursepreneur – Video Chat With Catherine Harris

What is a nursepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a word you will easily find in a dictionary. But Catherine Harris calls herself a nursepreneur and in this video, she breaks down her profession in an interview with Muneer:

What does Catherine do?

Catherine takes the expertise that nurses have and turns it into a business model so they can become nurse coaches or brand themselves.

How do you brand yourself?

Before you  brand yourself, you need to know the three main tips on which you build your brand. These include:

  1. What is the main problem that you are going to solve?
  2. Describing your product or service.
  3. Solving that problem.

Some useful tips …

Once, you follow those three steps, Catherine then recommends using the concept to make a one-liner and using it on your business cards, websites and social media accounts.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video! Stay tuned to these articles because Muneer will be talking to more inspiring public figures.

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Habiba Tahir