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Attention Influencers, Salespeople, Business Owners & Therapists: What Is THE One Word That Your Customers Could Say That Would Dramatically Improve Your Business?


How to Hypnotically Get People To Agree With You without feeling like you are selling.

A Simple System to quickly convincing almost anyone to say "Yes!" to nearly every request Even If You Have No Sales Experience

Video Course

Dear Influencer, 

We all have the need to get others to do things, it may be our family, friends, co-workers and most importantly for you business owners - your prospects!

You have landed on this page for a reason, and as you are looking at this screen and reading these words, I dont know exactly which of those reasons will take hold of you most strongly however you may find yourself realizing, that is awesome because it is part of the process of making an awesome decision to take action...

...Now, As we explore this amazing world of persuasion today, I just want to let you know it really excites me to be sharing knowledge that powerfully transforms lives! and Im not sure which of these tools excite you the most but as that's happening... lets get started!

You Too Can Be A Persuasion Master In Days Using this System

Have You Ever had the experience of struggling to get someone to see your point of view?

Perhaps you have been in instances where you know you were right and the other person didnt exactly agree?

Perhaps you had a product that you knew was good for someone however they were not interested and you felt that you were beginning to sound a little desperate when really you just wanted to help them?

Perhaps you may even have a fear of rejection and a desire to avoid objections which can inhibit your ability to grow your business or more.

Its not your fault!

fear of rejection is one of the deepest human fears! In fact the number one fear that people have (even more than death) is public speaking which is a form of fear of rejection.

You need a system

And when people don’t have a system for getting others to agree… well you are flying blind. If someone asked me to bake a cake (and I have no idea how to bake cakes)… I would be nervous afraid and the outcome would not be ideal!

I know exactly how you feel... I started out as the most unpersuasive person ever!

I started out as the most awkward kid who was bullied unpopular and shy, however I transformed myself to become a top salesperson, speaker and hypnotist because when you get the recipe and someone shows you how, it becomes easy.

Before you notice how powerful this information is, its not necessary to realize that after that has happened you could become aware of how grateful you are to yourself for opening up your mind right now!

The "Getting The Yes" video series is the recipe that you are looking for

Learn how to master the art of unconscious influence and lock people into yes patterns that get them to agree to what you want.
Sales people experienced a doubling in sales!

When I have taught these techniques to my sales teams some had experienced a doubling of their sales within one week of learning and applying these concepts!

In fact. If you Act Now – you could potentially see an increase in your sales as early as tomorrow!

Imagine what it would be like to get people to agree with you whenever you wished?

How would you feel when you see your sales skyrocket and you hear how happy your customers are that they listened to you in the first place. How good would you feel knowing you were able to help more people despite their initial reservations. 

What other areas of your life would improve? Your relationships both at home and outside perhaps?

What could you achieve if you had a hypnotic system to get people to agree with you at will?

How much more confident would you feel in your approach, if you had a system that allowed you to get people to say Yes?

How awesome would it be if you were able to Have Your Way more than ever before when you make this a speech habit?

I do not just teach you the system to use for sales, I show you techniques for you to make this system a speech habit so that you are constantly getting more of what you want on a daily basis.

How I can Help you

Over the last 15 years I have been involved in all aspects of Influence persuasion and client acquisition. I am a hypnotist, marketer and ex door to door salesman. I am also the author of the number 1 international best selling book "Power Persuasion".

Despite this I actually started out as the complete opposite of persuasive, I was the awkward bullied and shy kid at school, I was unpopular for around 8 years of my life and I discovered that charisma, influence and persuasion are all techniques that can be learned. I found that anyone can be persuasive and it is the most important skill to have.

Muneer Al Busaidi

Muneer is a motivational speaker in the UAE

Using The "Getting The Yes" Formula you will discover how to:

  • Convince even the most Resistant & Stubborn People to Say Yes to your conclusions!
  • Improve multiple areas of your life by getting others to Say Yes to you. There are huge psychological effects that developing this mindset can create.
  • Understand how influence and persuasion are the most important skills that you can learn and discover multiple areas you can apply these learnings in
  • Turn these principles into a natural speech habit - that way you will start getting more of what you want on auto-pilot! 
  • Become a master of the art of unconscious persuasion. Using this you will influence people faster than you ever thought possible!
  • Create loaded questions with ease. These are questions so powerful and precise that they force people to agree with you. 
  • Speak hypnotically: You will learn the basics of conversational hypnosis, how it works and how to use the principles in your everyday conversation
  • Hypnoticly sub communicate using tonality and body language

Here is what you’ll get when you Register Today

5 Easy to digest Video Modules in a state of the art membership site that will help you become a master of unconscious persuasion
Muneer is an interactive speaker who engages his audience throughout his talks
Module 1 - Importance of Influence & Persuasion

Duration: 19m

A video taken from a live training session I conducted along with a case study of how learning persuasion saved a business. 

Module 2 metaphor demo - Live waking hypnosis demo

Duration: 6m

In a live demonstration I demonstrate how powerful these concepts are on the subconscious mind. 

Muneer speaking on video
Module 4 - Questioning tactics

Duration: 8m

The main techniques that you need to use to create the Yes mindset and frame of mind.

Muneer presenting mighty mindset in Oman
Module 2 - Introduction to agreement principles

Duration: 9m

These are three quick, introductory videos that lay the foundations for the agreement framework that we will be building on. 

mighty mindset part two with Muneer
Module 3 - Basics of conversational hypnosis

Duration: 16m

In this module we cover what hypnosis is & the basics of how to create it conversationally.

Muneer coaching people at a seminar
Module 5 - Advanced Techniques

Duration: 12m

How to overcome the challenge of people detecting the patterns by using unconscious persuasion tactics.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Tariq Sharif CEO Arkham Creative

Tariq Sharif CEO Arkham Creative

Muneer is one of those rare individuals that has a vision and way of thinking that many instructors can’t achieve...

“I have taken his courses and I’ve very glad I did, because I have implemented all of his teachings into my business and mindset and am blessed to say that I used to be a charity case and now I can donate to charities. ””

Tariq Sharif CEO Arkham Creative
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
hoodielistic logo

hoodielistic logo

Took a chance and trained my whole team...was very happy I did

“"...taught the team to boost our engagement quality with customers and raise the quality of our sales approach... Training was absolutely brilliant and fruitful... Muneer excels in how to deliver the knowledge and how to persuade a customer"

Fouad Al Hashmi Managing Director - Hoodielistic
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Muneer helped me build, market and sell my program

“Through Muneer's support, I am finding and connecting to worlds of knowledge I otherwise wouldn’t know about and I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without Muneer. He gave me the confidence and drive to organize, build and plan my "Health Recovery and Body shape system".

Dr Hanan Selim Founder HCB Consultancy (Dr Hanan lost 28kgs, transformed her life and health and now with Muneer's help she helps transform the lives of others through her system.

Is This Course Right for You?

Your course is not for everybody, you can use this section to pre-select the customers that will get the best results.


    • Anyone... who is determined to get their ideas, point of view, propositions, conclusions, suggestions and advice accepted by someone else.
    • Anyone... who owns or runs a small, medium or large business... and... wants more customers, sales and a sharp rise in bottom-line revenues.
    • Anyone... who is a coach or consultant at any level in any industry
    • Anyone... who is sick and tired of life passing them by - of losing opportunities, of never getting their way even when they're right, of missing out on all the exciting fun and adventure life has to offer.
    • Anyone... who truly wants to help others but doesn't know how


  • People who expect magic to happen just because they pressed the Buy Now button. You need to put in the work and watch the content.
  • People who watch and learn but dont actually apply. You will only get results if you actually put the techniques into practice.
  • People who expect to be experts on their first attempt. Everything takes a little bit of practice. These are advanced techniques - you may not get it perfectly on your first time.
  • People that wants to use this for any ill- purposes. I 100% endorse ethical persuasion. There are many people out there who need help but just need to have the right push. If you have any other intentions - this is not for you.

Best of All, Is the value!

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Muneer Al Busaidi

Don't be Left Behind: Get "The Yes Elicitation Formula" Today!

P.S. "The Yes Elicitation Formula" is based on Muneer's over 16 years experience of influence and persuasion combined with NLP and conversational hypnosis techniques and will allow you to get virtually anyone to start agreeing with your requests. But dont delay the $17 price will go up very soon. There is no risk with our 100% money back guarantee.

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