Positive Thoughts: The Power of Your Mind

Many people believe that the real key to happiness is simply having positive thoughts. The law of attraction states that people can attract positive experiences simply by thinking about them. This means, positive thoughts equal positive experiences, while negative thoughts equal negative experiences.

Nowadays, many of us want nothing more but to find inner peace. Because many believe that placing one’s self in a constant state of peace will attract more opportunities for joy as well. Basing everything on the law of attraction, this means that if we create positive beliefs in ourselves, we can surely attract positive things into our life.

Finding Inner Peace

Experiencing peace and happiness always starts from within. Followers of New Age philosophy believe that true wealth is found within one’s self. To start experiencing happiness and peace, one should always start within. If you succeed in building your internal world i.e. your thoughts, your external world will follow. According to the law of attraction, once you start to experience happiness that comes from within, you will start to attract conditions of wholeness with ease. What are conditions of wholeness? These are experiences that make you feel whole. Conditions of wholeness include health, freedom, love, success, and happiness. When you are at peace with your internal self, you start feeling whole. Once you feel whole, once you feel complete, you feel good.

Positive Thoughts Attracts Positive Things

Once you have found your state of peace, you have to place yourself in a state of no resistance. In other words, you must always be in a position of acceptance. When you start attracting positive things, you have to accept them with open arms. Problems only arise because you are resisting these good things but rejecting them. You reject them by having negative thoughts. The more you worry, the more you make yourself sad, the more you are creating resistance. This is why it is important to always have positive thoughts. But how does one start thinking positively in the first place?

In the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu, visitors will find (aside from the monkeys) numerous bells along the temple walls and pathways. These bells can be rung to produce these sweet chimes that are like music to the soul. Ringing these bells is like reciting power incantations or mantras to yourself, whenever you want to attract positive thoughts. Remember, the more positive things you say about yourself, the more positive things you attract in your life.

So, start allowing good things to show up in your life by placing yourself in a state of constant happiness. How? Always work hard to find your inner peace.

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