Hypnotic power words card deck


The Hypnotic Power Words – Card deck system.

What would it be like if you were a master of persuasion and influence?

What could you achieve if more people were able to see your point of view?

This deck has been developed to handle the most important step to using hypnotic language:

Knowing the language so well that you naturally and easily use it at the right time.

  • This card deck contains 54 of the most powerful language patterns designed to make you a master of persuasion. Using language taught in NLP and Eriksonian Hypnosis schools.
  • Master hypnotic language while playing games designed to make you unstoppable in your influence.
  • Use the cards alone to create powerful hypnotic suggestions that can create powerful change for others.
  • Play as a normal card deck with friends and learn unconsciously as you play.
  • Master the art of embedded commands using this card deck
  • Use a card a day to master language patterns at a deeper level.

Combine this card deck with the course to take your learning to the next level.