Attention Business Owners & People that need to network: Are you able to confidently connect with people quickly?


You Too Can Be Charismatic In Under 4 Minutes with the Rapid Rapport System.

A Simple Way to Get People to Instantly Like You, Trust You & Enjoy Your Company within minutes EVEN if you have not been confident before. 

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You Too Can Become A Master Networker Instantly Using this System

Have you ever experienced the uncertainty involved when needing to meet new people?

Perhaps you didn’t feel as confident as you would have liked to have felt, perhaps you were overthinking what you should say?

Have you ever wondered how to improve the awkward first few moments of a conversation?

Perhaps you have wondered what you should say? Or wondered how to start a conversation? Have you ever thought to yourself am I talking too much or am I not saying enough?

There are people out there who just walk into a room and they have "presence" and charm!

Have you ever experienced meeting someone that just had something about them? When they say hi – you just automatically Feel more Connected even though they have not said much at all.

Some people call it charisma, some call it presence...

...whatever it is, it seems like some people "naturally" just have it!

You wonder - can a person learn how to command that air of confidence even before they open their mouth

Are people just born that way, born confident, born charming, born with that air of charm that people warm to?

I know how you feel - I started out as the awkward person in the room who had none of it!

I started out as the most awkward kid who was bullied unpopular and shy, however I read a lot, studied even more and had began to finally work it out... Here is what i discovered... Building instant connection and rapport is a simple step by step process!

The Rapid Rapport system is a simple step by step process that ANYBODY can learn!

Learn how to master the art of unconscious charisma and influence so people like you instantly like you and trust you without having to say more than a few words!
Sales people have used this system to more than double their sales!

My first ever job was in door to door sales and I had to learn to persuade QUICKLY otherwise people would shut the door in my face... and I wouldnt eat! So after perfecting the system for myself, I have taught these techniques to countless others. High Sales achievers speak to more people! This system allows you to do that more effectively PERIOD!

In fact. If you Act Now – you could potentially see an increase in your sales as early as tomorrow!

Imagine what it would be like to walk into a room and BE the charming person everyone loves to meet?

Imagine walking into a room full of potential people you could work with - How would you feel when you hear how happy people feel to be connected to you and how they have enjoyed your company after only 5 minutes of meeting them! How good would you feel if your business improved as a result? How happy would you be with your skills knowing you were able to help more people despite their initial reservations. 

What could you achieve if you had a simple step by step system to get people to like you instantly?

How much more confident would you feel in your approach, if you had a proven system that allowed you to get people interested in you, enjoy your company, enjoy your conversation and trust you!

Who are the types of people that you could get to meet? What would you do with those opportunities?

Using the exact same techniques that I share in this course I have managed to meet and interview over 8 world champions, number 1 best selling authors, the world's top hypnotists, TV celebrities and more... Imagine the type of connections you could make? What if one of those connections could open doors for you that may change your life in amazing ways!

How I can Help you

Over the last 15 years I have been involved in all aspects of Influence persuasion and client acquisition. I am a hypnotist, marketer and ex door to door salesman. I am also the author of the number 1 international best selling book "Power Persuasion".

Despite this I actually started out as the complete opposite of persuasive, I was the awkward bullied and shy kid at school, I was unpopular for around 8 years of my life and I discovered that charisma, influence and persuasion are all techniques that can be learned. I found that anyone can be persuasive and it is the most important skill to have.

Using my skills as an NLP trainer, my experience in training some of the UK's top door to door salesmen and my research and journey from being the awkward unpopular kid to the master of persuasion - I developed "The Rapid Rapport System"

Muneer Al Busaidi

Muneer is a motivational speaker in the UAE
Book signing for the best selling book "Power Persuasion" by Muneer Al Busaidi

Book signing for the best selling book "Power Persuasion"

Using "The Rapid Rapport System" you will discover how to:

  • Master the art of  Instant Connection faster than you ever thought possible!

  • Do I know you? How to use subconscious communication to get people to think that they know you before you even say anything! This is so effective that people I dont know walk up to me and say hi when I use this!
  • Understand how influence and persuasion are the most important skills that you can learn and discover multiple areas you can use your new skills!
  • How to Easily, effortlessly and quickly get people to warm to you - discover the secrets of creating a great feeling of warmth, friendship and trust within 4 minutes of meeting someone
    • Become a master of conversation! Never be at a loss for words again while allowing people to have the best conversations with you (hint- its much easier than you think!)
    • Learn the secrets of micro-expressions, how they communicate and how you can master them. This is the secret to how people look at you as charismatic before you even open your mouth!
    • Make a killer first impression! Maximise your first 3 seconds using the 3 instant connectors.
    • Discover the three simple things you must align during your conversation that will make people liking you IRRESISTiBLE!

Here is what you’ll get when you Register Today

10 Easy to digest Video Modules in a state of the art membership site that will help you become a master of unconscious persuasion
Muneer is an interactive speaker who engages his audience throughout his talks
Module 1 - Importance of Influence & Persuasion

Duration: 19m

A video taken from a live training session I conducted along with a case study of how learning persuasion saved a business. 

Book signing for the best selling book "Power Persuasion" by Muneer Al Busaidi
Module 2 - The Instant Connection Technique

Duration: 31m

The secret behind instantly connecting to people at a subconscious level in under 3 seconds

Muneer speaking in Dubai on influence & persuasion
Module 3 - The exceptions to the rule!

Duration: 3m

Building on the last module - I explain what scenarios this is effective in and what to do in other scenarios. 

Muneer speaking on video
Module 4 - The Triad of Communication!

Duration: 10m

How & why body language, micro expressions and subconscious communication will skyrocket results.

Muneer working with a small group during an excercise
Module 5 - Rapport and the subconscious processes.

Duration: 17m

What is rapport, what is a subconscious process, how they are related and how you can control them.

Muneer coaching people at a seminar
Module 6 - The Multiple Rapport Techniques

Duration: 18m

Techniques to master the creation of rapport step by step and how to combine them in order to create feelings of true connection.

Muneer speaking in Dubai on influence & persuasion
Module 7 - Putting it all together.

Duration: 7m

The Rapid Rapport System in its complete step by step nature. From seeing someone to massive connection in 4 minutes!

Muneer coaching people at a seminar
Module 8 - Power Demo -Importance of this method

Duration: 4m

Using a volunteer from the audience I give a live demonstration metaphor of how subconscious communication takes you much further!

What People are Saying...

Tariq Sharif

CEO Arkham Creative

Muneer is one of those rare individuals that have a vision and way of thinking that many instructors cant achieve

“I have taken his courses and I’ve very glad I did, because I have implemented all of his teachings into my business and mindset and am blessed to say that I used to be a charity case and now I can donate to charities. ”

Fouad Al Hashmi

Managing Director Hoodielistic

Took a chance and trained my whole team... was very happy I did

"...taught the team to boost our engagement quality with customers and raise the quality of our sales approach... Training was absolutely brilliant and fruitful... Muneer excels in how to deliver the knowledge and how to persuade a customer"

Dr Hanan Selim

Founder HCB Consultancy

Muneer helped me build, market and sell my program

“Through Muneer's support, I am finding and connecting to worlds of knowledge I otherwise wouldn’t know about and I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without Muneer. He gave me the confidence and drive to organize, build and plan my "Health Recovery and Body shape system".

Is This Course Right for You?

Want to know if This Course Is For You - I break down who it can help and who it wont.


    • Anyone... who is sick and tired of life passing them by - of losing opportunities, of never getting in front of the right people, of making the right connections and having those connections open doors for them.
    • Anyone... who truly wants to help others but doesn't know how
    • Anyone... who needs to meet and connect with others for professional or personal purposes
    • Anyone... who would like to create more opportunities by meeting people of influence and connecting with them in a way that produces results.
    • Anyone... who wants to generate more leads and clients for your business
    • Anyone... who interacts with other people on a frequent basis - if you deal with people or will need to deal more with people. This is for you!


  • People who are not interested in meeting other people. If you find no value in making connections with others. Then this isn't for you.
  • People who watch and learn but dont actually apply. You will only get results if you actually put the techniques into practice.
  • People who expect to pay for something complex! This system is extremely effective because the concepts are simple! However just because it is simple - that doesn't mean people do it. 
  • People that want to use this for any ill- purposes. I 100% endorse ethical persuasion. There are many people out there who need help but just need to have the right push. If you have any other intentions - this is not for you.

Best of All, Is the value!

The standard price for attending this live seminar is $1299... which is a bargain!

However I want to do you one better, because you are a new subscriber, I really want to give you EXCEPTIONAL value - 

Therefore for today - you will get the full course for just one payment of $197 for all 9 modules of video content!

That is correct... Just $197!

So for less than the price of a tank of Gas – you can discover the secrets to instantly connecting with anyone you meet!

But don’t delay – this is a one time offer for new subscribers – the regular price will go back up in:

Confidently Connect Converse and Convert more people in the next 30 days!

I am so sure that you will Love This Product and at the bargain provided that I am offering a full guarantee. Try this online course risk free for 30 days and if you are not 100% satisfied just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Muneer Al Busaidi

Don't be Left Behind: Get "The Rapid Rapport System" Today!

P.S. "The Rapid Rapport System" is based on Muneer's over 16 years experience of influence and persuasion combined with NLP and conversational hypnosis techniques and will allow you to connect instantly with virtually anyone and get them to warm towards you. But dont delay the $67 price will go up very soon. There is no risk with our 100% money back guarantee.

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