How To Bring A Positive Change In Your Life: Scott Schmaren Tells Us All in this Video

Chats With Champions Video Interview – Scott Schmaren

In this video episode of Chats with Champions Muneer interviews Scott Schmaren a clinical hypnotherapist who has appeared in The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Howard Stern Show and the daily mail to name but a few and his story is extremely inspiring.

In this video, Scott explains his story of strugle from being the kid who was bullied at school and extremely obese and overweight leading him to be borderline suicidal to one day getting a control of his thoughts, ideas, plans and losing 80kgs which led to his appearance on Oprah and becoming a famous public figure:

In this video, Scott showed us that in order to make massive changes in his life, he first needed to change the way he saw his life, his future and therefore his self image – as a result he changed the self talk that he was feeding to his brain and was able to lose his weight easily. According to him, in order to make a big change in your life you have to write your own story and follow it.

People often assume its the diet that is the starting point of change, however the reality is that your mind is the true driver of change. It is more powerful than you realize and will help you achieve whatever it is you like once you get control of it.

As a hypnotherapist based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Muneer interviews many different hypnotists around the world. He has interviewed the likes of Paul McKenna who is also the number 1 personal development author in the UK, Karl Smith who is the director of the UK hypnosis Academy, Martijn GreenValley an NLP and hypnosis trainer from the Netherlands to name a few.

Stay tuned to these articles because Muneer will be talking to another World Champions: David Nottage.

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Habiba Tahir