Secret To Being A Great Conversationalist – Video Demo In Dubai

What makes anyone a great conversationalist?

The answer is quite simple, yet, some people either tend to overdo it or not do enough. Especially when you are trying to become an influencer, you need to understand the simple tricks that make up a good conversation.

So, watch this video, filmed from a seminar where Muneer explains why and how to keep a good conversation going:

Who is a great conversationalist?

People often tell Muneer that they had a very good conversation with him. But all he does is ask questions from them. Which is really the trick: asking questions shows the other person that you were really invested in what they have to say. It makes them feel special and so they enjoy talking to you. There are some people who want to be really good in communication but they are only good speakers. There is a difference between a good speaker and a good conversationalist. A speaker only has to convey information but a conversationalist has to convey and retain information. You need to be able to interact perfectly to become good at conversation.

What makes a bad conversation?

When a person is interested in themselves or he/she just talks and does not allow the other person to speak, they appear to be self-centered. Muneer demonstrated a trick in the video: he asks someone a question and then repeats the words she uses and then asks similar questions. He is relaying everything back to her. But you can see that when Muneer asks her for more information, he is genuinely interested.

So, what have you done in order to have a good conversation with someone else? Share your secrets in the comments section below!

Muneer is Amazon’s number 1 best selling author of Power Persuasion (click here to get a chapter for free)¬†and a hypnotist living in the UAE. Muneer trains in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi on influence and persuasion and helps people overcome personal challenges through hypnotherapy.

Habiba Tahir