The Secret To Happiness: Look At The Bigger Picture!

Many times people focus on the wrong things in their life. They pay too much attention to the wrong details. Instead of looking at the bigger picture, they look at things that do not matter.

So, watch this video which Muneer filmed in the UK countryside to learn how to focus on the bigger picture:

Why is it important to look at the bigger picture?

In order to explain the concept clearly, Muneer uses the countryside as an example. He explains that if you look at the old and blotched staircases on the countryside, then you are focusing on the minor things — things that are not important. And most of the time these things are wrong and leave a negative impact in your life. You need to step back and see the bigger picture because even though this countryside has its flaws, it is extremely rich in history.

What happens when you look at the bigger picture?

In comparison to the stories that are connected to this area, the aged stairs do not make a big difference to anyone. People are in awe of the history and the background of this countryside. When you focus on the bigger picture in your life, it makes you content and happy because you are focusing on the positive things. You will see the brighter side of your life once you start following this concept.

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Habiba Tahir