The experience of attending an Indian wedding

What a week it has been, I am in delhi attending the wedding of two very close friends, and what an experience it has been!
Indian wedding typically last a good few days and sometimes a week.
They are comprised of a number of events like a reception night,
A henna night and the actual wedding.

It was an awesome experience for us and if I had to describe the happenings in only a couple of words – I would say colourful, festive, loud, tradition laced with elements of really hard partying!

Today for me was probably one of the most unique starting the day of with a carnival like procession as we walked the groom (sitting on a white horse) to the house. This involved a lot of dancing around him – which nearly was a challange for me as I had contracted a severe case of the delhi belly!

After getting to the house and having the ceremony, there is a tradition of stealing the grooms shoes and he and his friends negotiate getting them back which was a lot of fun.

I offered 2 carrots, half a chick pea, a patch of goats hair, a ride on my uncle’s camel and a deformed hamster that used to be in the circus…
… We nearly lost the shoes and a close call with the wedding nearly being called of too!!! Haha
But a beautiful event with great people that party really hard.
I am blogging from my mobile and can’t figure out how to upload pics so will try do that at some point and upload some cool pics


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