The Journey – Part 2 – Pick a destination

What is the first step in getting to your dream destination in life?

What do you believe is the first thing that you should do in order to have the dream life that you desire?

….Its pretty simple – identify what that destination is!      [*If you missed part 1 click here to watch it*]

Logical and simple yet most of us live day to day without a clear direction or destination that we are headed, we kind of just do what everyone else is doing or what we believe we are meant to do, what our boss or society tells us to do. Then we wonder why others are achieving amazing things and we aren’t.

The reality is most people that achieve great things, started out by saying “I would love to achieve this amazing thing” and really made it a priority in their life.

Today’s video filmed to you from up in the sky @35’000 feet talks about how I was doing exactly what most people do… just living day to day. Then one day I got fed up with where i was getting to so I decided to pick a new destination.

So the question for you today is this – have you got a clear destination? (not just a feeling – but a mission destination).

The difference is with a clear destination – is that you are constantly thinking about it – however with a feeling, you kind of just say “It would be nice if I had that” whenever you see someone that has it – you dont make it a mission to actively find a way to pursue it.

So what destination are you pursuing with intention?



The Master of Persuasion - Muneer is a hypnotist, marketer and ex door to door salesman. He has spoken in over 10 countries and writes about the principles of subconscious persuasion.