Create The Life You Want Through The Power Of Your Mind

Presenting: The “Subconscious Success” Course

The Subconscious Success course was designed to solve what's possibly the most difficult question you ask yourself:

What Do You Want?

Have you ever felt fundamentally uncomfortable about where you currently are in your life? You might not always think about it, but deep down, there's just something that isn't right. As if everything you do has very little purpose.

Does that sound familiar? If you're on this page, it probably does. But don't worry, you're not alone. I went through the same challenge! And when I noticed other people did too, I decided to find a way out.

I'm Muneer Al-Busaidi

This course is the result of years of struggle, hard lessons, and self-education. It helped me grow from a bullied child to someone who has spoken in over 15 countries around the world to help people change their lives.

I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, and many other techniques to unlock the power of people's mind and help pave the path to success. In doing so, I've been featured on ABC News, CBS, Fox News, NBC, and other media outlets.

“If one advances carefully in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

(Henry David Thoreau)

The Subconscious Success Course follows a proven, step by-step process that uncovers

Figuring out what you really, fundamentally want

A way to make sure that you are moving towards a life of purpose filled with your loves

A way to program your mind so you succeed on autopilot

But the course doesn't just help you consciously...

The mind is an extremely powerful tool. What you think has a real impact on how your life develops. Negative thoughts have a negative impact, and positive thoughts a positive impact.

But most of the time, we pay no attention to our thoughts. We let our thoughts go wherever they go, without considering the impact that they can have on our lives.

But no longer. Because in this course is something very unique.

A Hypnosis recording to program your newly-found purpose into your subconscious mind, with the latest brainwave technology and multi-channel audio. 

It will Program Your Mind to Succeed on Autopilot

And you know where the real power of this recording lies? It's not generic. You'll do the exercises in the course before you listen to the recording.

First, you'll consciously uncover what you want. Only then do you listen to the recording.

And because you created the exercises, you'll have a personalised hypnosis journey that's way more effective than any generic hypnosis recording, at a fraction of the cost of a hypnotist.

It will Unlock the Subconscious Power of your Mind. 

Everything you do in life on your new path will become not just easier, but more empowering. You will grow as a person and have a fundamental understanding of how you can achieve your dream life.

What People Are Saying About This System

I have much more clarity and focus of my dreams and goals

“I had a severe back issue and wasn't able to sleep for a couple of nights.

Post listening to your binaural beats, I drifted off to sleep immediately. I have been listening to the audio on and off for the last couple of weeks.

One of the most tangible benefits I have got from it is that I have finally got my entire business system in place, which was pending for more than 6 months.

I have progressed with regards to my financial agreements with my business partners. I have much more clarity and focus of my dreams and goals. Thank you Muneer for such a powerful hypnosis track.

Can't thank you enough. With gratitude and respect, CJ.”

Chinmaya Joshi
- Law of Attraction Expert

It worked as a private party for my mind body and soul...."

I have been listening to guided meditation for years now as I work 16-18 hours sometimes due to project deadlines even when my body is tired my mind is on fire as it's got a huge list of things...

After sitting on this for over 2 weeks I tried it and it was life changing for me. Not only did I absolutely relax and get me to a point where I was peaceful, quiet and calm.

But I was aware throughout and I worked out my life's purpose. Which I have been trying to figure out since forever now.

I can't thank Muneer enough for this creation.
It worked as a private party for my mind body and soul. It's truly been a magical experience. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try hypnosis or guided meditation. Lots and lots of gratitude and heart felt thanks.

Aneet Kaur

Here Are The Other Options You Have

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    You could hire a hypnotherapist that charges you $300+/ hr 
    and over $1,000 a month (a session to get to know you and two sessions of questions before you even have a personalized hypnosis session!).
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    You could enroll for a degree in an attempt to change your future...
    ...thinking it will remove your fundamental doubts, create your dream life, but will cost $20K+ (not to mention the 2-3 years invested in a path that may not be for you).
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    You could read the hundreds of self-development books out there
    and try to pick and gather the lessons scattered throughout, first consciously and then once you find the relevant lessons, read and re-read the information multiple times to program it into your subconscious mind.

While the above three options might actually help you understand what you really want, none will give you a way to program both your conscious and subconscious mind for success continuously.

Plus, the other options are also very expensive.

That's why I've decided to offer you the Subconscious Success course for just $197.

That's right - no typo, no zero missing! Just $197. It's the price of a coffee machine. But you get:

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    Years of my experience helping people around the world
    I’ve spent the best part of my life finding out about how to successfully reach your potential and live the ultimate life you’re destined for.After all those years of research, studying psychology, hypnotism, NLP and interviewing some of the most successful and driven people in the world, I’ve come to a point where I finally feel confident enough to pass these secrets of success on to others
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    Practical exercises to help you progress
    Yes you'll have to do some work - this is what makes this system so amazing, your input creating a personalized journey
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    Videos that explain each exercise in detail
    Immediate access 24hours a day, 7 days a week to online tutorials that will help you achieve your desired result. You could login a few moments from now and be well on your journey by tomorrow!
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    A personalized hypnosis recording with the latest brainwave technology
    A hypnotherapist can give you a personalized experience once, the beauty of this system lies in the fact that you can listen to this audio again and again and again. If your objectives change a year from now, so will your experience from the recording.

Its Time To stop treading water and Understand What You Really Want. Take Action Now.

Still Have Questions?

I understand. Money is money, and it shouldn't be spent easily. That's why I want to take all the risk away from you. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm so confident that you will absolutely love this product that I'm giving a 30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on this course.

If you're anything less than blown away by how it can help you, I will send you your money back. This course works. It's helped so many people around the world already!

Muneer Al Busaidi

And Here's More Proof

I have been listening to the audio every day...I can experience moving to a great desired future."

“I have been listening to the audio every day and I go into deep sleep state almost immediately.

When I wake up I feel rejuvenated. It has great impact on me and the journey of the deep sleep is very relaxing and beautiful.

I can experience moving to a great desired future.

Thank you Muneer for the great gift.”

dr Reeta Shah
- Founder & Director of Crest Education

it's something I have recommended every working professional to have "

“I have been so happy to learn new ways to destress and build a stronger focus.

These audio notes are so powerful and relaxing that I use them everyday.

Ideally it's something I have recommended every working professional to have a peaceful sleep post the audio program, or to enhance their subconscious mind to achieve their goals.

Whether you are stressed or looking for growth this audio will help you in many ways. A healthy and happy mind is a healthy and happy life.

Muneer rock it. Looking for more.”

Gemini Dhar
- Take Charge Expert and author

This course can help you understand what you want and Programs Your Mind To Succeed on Autopilot

Unlock The Power of Your Mind.

Act Now and Start Your Dream Life

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


And Here's More Proof

It puts me into a state where I can think clearly, feel strongly and put into action the goals"

“Hello Muneer, I heard your audio a couple of weeks ago and within 4 minutes fell deep into sleep.

Got up very still and calm. Felt powerful.

And since then I have made it a ritual to listen to it everyday.

It puts me into a state where I can think clearly, feel strongly and put into action the goals we planned together as per your Design Your Destiny Programme."

Varsha Shah
- Happiness Coach, TEDx Speaker

"...some amazing results, not only now she hits the sack on time, but I can also see some positive shift in her focus..."

“Magical Muneer, I am a mother of 6 yr old and have been struggling to put my daughter to sleep on time.

During one of the coaching sessions when you shared your audio to extended support to her, I was deeply touched.

These brewed some amazing results, not only now she hits the sack on time, but I can also see some positive shift in her focus. Many thanks from a happy mother.”

Sushma Jakhar

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Can children do this?

Do I have to do the excercises?

Will it make me do anything I dont want to do?

Can I listen to this audio anywhere?

Once I was asleep when i listened and once I was awake and listened - is there a difference?

P.S.: I am making this recording available at this price for a very short period. The low price will help to get the word out however this low price wont be available forever - jump on board and get this amazing offer before its gone forever!

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