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Would you rather be rich or happy?

Many people think that in our lives we have to choose between one thing OR the other.

For example – you will often hear people say “I would rather be Rich than happy”. However this is what is known as a false choice! Placing those limitations on ourselves traps our thinking and prevents us reaching our full potential – check out this video below which Muneer filmed at the Emirates palace in Abu Dhabi to see what he means:


In this video, Muneer has shown you that it is very possible to become an AND person. You always have a choice of choosing both the options if you look at life more clearly.

This kind of thinking has the ability to free your mind and can open up many new possibilities in many areas of your life.

Is it just about “rather be rich or happy”?

This kind of thinking can be applied to anything where a false choice is presented. If two things are not opposites then you dont necessarily have to choose.

It is important to note that every path has its own challenges and not each path is easy to come by – however by freeing your mind to understand that choosing one does not come at the expense of another can allow you to pursue a path which satisfies both goals.

Take a look into your life – are there any false choices that you have been presented?

You may not choose to follow each for example going to the beach and having dinner – but just knowing that you can do it all can be very liberating 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the video. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Habiba Tahir