Video Chat with Ed Rush – The Best Selling Author & Speaker

Ed Rush is a speaker, former pilot and a best selling author. He is someone who has helped entrepreneurs all around the world earn money and has been incredibly supportive throughout their journey.

So, watch this video below where Ed shares 3 tips for entrepreneurs:

Ed Rush and his 3 important tips

Ed has given courses, one-on-one discussions to thousands of people both online and offline. According to him, you should follow these 3 steps on your way to earn more money:

  1. Positioning – Your perception in the market place needs to match what you can do. You need to be looked at as the go-to person in the market for a specific category. In order to achieve that, you need to use positioning tools. For example, using a video or introducing someone with their titles (best selling author/world champion) makes them look more credible.
  2. Deals – It could be anything;  a consulting a client, a coaching client or a customer. Most of the business owners spend 80-90% of their time on things that don’t involve getting deals or getting customers. It should be flipped around in reality. As an entrepreneur, your most important job is to do things in your market that create revenue, deals or customers for you. You can’t help people if you are broke or you don’t have people coming to you asking for help.
  3. Your team/infrastructure – You need to build a team. You need to build it around the things that are mentioned above.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video and were able to learn a great deal from Ed’s tips!

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