Video Chat With Mitch Carson – The Instant Celebrity Maker

Mitch Carson creates a program for people to become the known expert in their particular niche or category. In easier terms, he is known as the instant celebrity maker.

Watch this video to listen to what Mitch has to share for people who want to become successful:

Mitch Carson’s steps to becoming an instant celebrity

Step #1: The most critical and basic thing is defining your message to the market. What is your Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Positioning Statement (USP)? Find out what makes you special.

Step #2: Write a book. Only 1% of writing is inspiration, the rest of it is strategy. Release it to the market so that it gets views, promotion and support. Getting balanced reviews is also extremely important.

Step #3: Use social media strategically. The book is the root and the tree but the social media is the branches of the tree.

According to Mitch, you should know your market if you want to get your name out there. You should know which one to target beforehand. You also need to be specific and find the right people who will want to pay for your services.

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