Waking Hypnosis – How to get people to unconsciously take action

Waking hypnosis

Waking hypnosis also known as conversational hypnosis is very powerful – it is made up of a number of things

  1. The hypnotic language you use
  2. The delivery you give it
  3. The rapport that you have built

A common misconception is believing that your eyes need to be closed or you need to be unconscious when you are being hypnotized. But that is not true. Think of going to the cinema as hypnosis – your eyes are awake – yet you are not consciously thinking you are on an emotional journey (or trance) while you are completely awake.

Perhaps you also moved left and right in a car chase (without consciously thinking about it!)

In this video, Muneer will demonstrate ‘Waking Hypnosis’ where he will use hypnotic language (also known as embedded commands) and shock people who are wide awake as he gets them to move using hypnosis.

How is it possible to do waking hypnosis?

In the video, you can see Muneer performing hypnosis on different people where they are wide awake.
The volunteers are lifting their arms but it is not their effort. Muneer also uses something called a pattern interupt (involving a little bit of a surprise) in order to stick a volunteer’s hand to a chair — and the guy is wide awake and laughing as it happens. Even when he tries to forcefully move his hand, it becomes more stuck.

Muneer then uses this state to pull him into a further more formal trance, demonstrating that our subconscious is more powerful than we believe it to be.

In the video below – you can see a full waking hypnotic demonstration. Using only language patterns:

Similarly, our subconscious allows our learning and experiences to stick to our minds and allows us to use them when we need them.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video – if you would like to learn how to hypnotize people – check out our hypnotic language card deck

or our free guide with power words of hypnosis

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Muneer Al-Busaidi – travels the world impacting people while learning directly from some of the greatest hypnotists and changeworkers of our time. He is a peak performance coach based out of Abu Dhabi and does work in Dubai. Muneer has a range of products covering personal success, influence and persuasion, confidence and more. 

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Habiba Tahir