What Problem Are You Solving For Your Clients? – Video Demo

Whether you are opening a business, selling a product or helping a client, you need to ask yourself one important question. What is the overall problem that you will be solving for them?

Watch this video that Muneer filmed up in the sky, in a fancy business class seat, on his way to New York to understand the process:

In this video, Muneer explained the answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I targeting?
  • What problem am I solving for that person?
  • What journey have I planned for the person?
  • Do I have multiple stops on the journey?

You need to have a clear direction of where you are taking your clients from (starting point) to where you are taking them to (destination). This is how you progress with your content or your business or your clients. For example, you can see that this airline is helping Muneer travel from Abu Dhabi (starting point) to New York (destination). So, what is the journey that you are helping someone through? Are you taking someone from a state of depression to a state of happiness? Or are you helping them go from an unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle?

The next stage is figuring out the stops on the journey that you have built for them. Just like Muneer, who has a program called Invincible Influence where he teaches people to go from being awkward to becoming influential. Phases (stops) for the program include: confidence, learning how to read, instant connection and patterns of persuasion. If you follow these simple steps, they will lead you to your desired destination.

I hope you enjoyed watching the video. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Habiba Tahir